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[IP] RE: Being a 'public' diabetic

I just thought I'd throw in my usual two cents worth on the issue of the
bus, classroom, yadda yadda yadda thread.  I guess I've always felt really
lucky that no one has treated me badly because of my diabetes - I've never
been told I couldn't give a shot or test in public.  It's something I do in
public, and no I don't try to hide it.  I've never really noticed anyone
staring.  (I have to agree with the little guy and the bathroom - I'd much
rather test and do my shot at the table than do those things in the 'clean'
bathrooms that are found so often.....notice the sarcasm.  VBG).

I guess the thing that I have noticed is that I do get questions about it
sometimes  - 'What is that?' in reference to my meter  - 'What does it do?
Does that hurt?  How many times a day do you poke your fingers?  What does
it tell you?'  And I get the same thing with my injections - 'Does it hurt?
Where do you give your shots?  How many times a day?  What do you do if you
are high/low?'  I don't mind answering the questions - hell, go ahead and
ask me!  I'd rather enlighten people than have to keep my non-functioning
pancreas a secret and feel like I'm hiding something.  It's just not that
big of a deal to me to explain things to people.  (No, I'm not diabetic - I
am just one of many with a non-functioning pancreas.  Sort of like a janitor
I know who calls himself a 'waste management technician.'  <grin>).

Although I know a few of you will enjoy this:  while visiting some friends
recently, we went out for dinner, and a couple of their co-workers came
with.  One of the co-workers asked what my sugar was when I tested - a 246.
I explained that it meant I would have to give myself some extra insulin
beside what I would need to cover dinner so it would come back down to my
normal range.  'Well, is it easy to tell if your blood is getting thicker?
I've heard you get really thirsty because your blood is so thick that you
aren't getting any water to your system.'
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhahahahahahahahaaaaaa!   I almost fell out of my chair
laughing, but I set her straight.  ;)  So does that mean that when my sugar
is low, I'll end up oozing blood from my pores because it has become
overloaded with H2O?   lol

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