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Re: [IP] Problems in the classroom

email @ redacted wrote:
> This strikes me as a very good analogy -- although the possibility of
> contagion is probably actually greater with the nose blowing.  There actually
> are times when I leave a room to blow my nose, and situations where I seek a
> bit of privacy for testing (altho with the fasttake kept in its case, I feel
> less of a need).  But in the classrooms I've been in lately, I can't imagine
> either being a problem. (I do turn off beeps)

Hmmm, I have Hispanic kids in class who were taught at home that it's
RUDE to blow your nose in public, and they tend to ask to go to the
restroom to blow their noses. 

Needless to say, going to the restroom, with its prerequisite
individualized hall-pass writing is too disruptive to my teaching,
especially during cold and flu season! So I have to teach them that they
can do it discreetly in the back of the classroom.

Hmmmm. . .  I feel an idea germinating here!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking????

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