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Re: [IP] auto-immune and heredity (Betty)

I too, have been told that my diabetis may be auto immune and I have several 
other auto immune problems.
I have alopecia areat, scherosing cholangitis and have also been hit with 
I was diagnosed with  type I diabetes at the age of 30.  I was hit with an 
undiagnosed tuype of virus that really took over my body.  I almost lost my 
eyesight with this.  They thought at the time that I might have TB of the 
eye.  of course there had not been a case of this dianosed in over 20 years.  
They put my on horrible aTB medicine that I could not tolerate and they 
resorted to giving me horrible injections of something that I can't remember 
the name of, which I have snece been told can in itself attack the pancreas.  
ONce I was dianosed with diabetes they decided that it was not TB that it 
must have just been a virus and here I am today a brittle diabetic.  So I do 
not know why I have diabetes.  I have one cusin who became diabetic at the 
age of 2 aftera bout with the measels.  No other family has ever had 
diabetes.  Still my endo thinks this is all auto immune.  As bad as the 
diabetes is, my main problem is the scherosing cholangitis.  And to look at 
me and to know me, one would think that I am really healthy!  Small wonders.

Jenny Porro
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