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[IP] New endo-Yuck!

I mentioned before here that I felt the new endo I have is not very 
knowledgable or supportive regarding my insulin pump.  I have been working 
with MiniMed recently to process an upgrade for my MiniMed 507 to a 508.  My 
main reasoning for the upgrade was an insurance concern I have since later in 
the year I will be switched to Medicare and  also my pump warranty will be 
expiring.  I wanted to try to upgrade before that happened because I feel I 
have a better chance of it happening now than with Medicare. The endo spoke 
with me today re this matter and said I couldn't justify the upgrade since I 
don't use a lot of the specialty features on my current pump and that he 
wouldn't sign the paperwork.  I explained the situation to him and he still 
refused.  I may not have a strong case for upgrade but couldn't he leave that 
decision to my ins. co.? This guy is really buggging me.  He is the only endo 
available in my medical group.  I did get a very helpful call from a MiniMed 
rep. today who told me about a CDE/RN in my medical group that I can get an 
appt. with (and she's a pumper!).  She said she can't understand why the endo 
is not refferring more pump patients to the CDE since she is just down the 
hall from him.  At least I will have someone to help me.  MiniMed has been 
very supportive.  I think I will call them tomorrow and see if I can't get 
the 508 referral from my primary care doctor instead.  I think he would be 
more willing.  

Thanks for listening,  Linda
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