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Re: [IP] Problems in the classroom

On 17 Feb 00, at 10:17, Ginny Kloth wrote:

> I doubt you could compare the 2 situations. My daughter is teacher and she
> can teach without her books. I think you are asking teachers to go beyond
> what they are trained to do. My daughter was not trained as a nurse. I
> think it is unfair to be so down on teachers. Without them your children
> would not have an education..sadly most of the time teachers today have to

> be counselors and "baby sitters".

I think the big complaint is against school systems who refuse to have adequate personnel, and against the taxpaying public for constantly trying to remove what little funding there is for schools... There are many good teachers and a few bad ones (almost like medical professionals), but all of them are functioning in a system that seems to operate on the margins. The best teachers are the ones who are responding to the calling of working with children. The marginal ones are the ones who are concerned about their "profession"... the worst ones are the ones who "have a job"...

Taxpayers don't want to pay for schools, businesses complain about the quality of the school programs but won't allow their employees to volunteer and refuse to do much beyond buying an ad in the yearbook, and then both taxpayers (parents and everyone else) and businesses are surprised when the kids can't read when they are in high school...

> I believe the best situation would be that the schools have real nurses to
> take care of the students who need medical care and help. If my daughter
> had to be a nurse how would the children get thier education? Maybe
> someone could pay her salary to be both. She is a teacher because she loves
> to teach math and science to middle school children not because of the money.

The best situation would be for each class to have enough teachers, aides and whatever was needed to ensure that students who need medical attention get it, those who need more supervision get it and those who need extra educational assistance get it... but as long as people like our current political hacks (In KY we've got the best government money can buy!) run the system things won't change much. In most towns you could float a massive bond issue to build a new sports arena for a professional team, raise taxes to subsidize the team and guarantee the owners a profit and the taxpayers would line up to pay the extra bills... but if you asked for a small tax to improve the schools you'd have people crying about how an extra ten dollars a year on their tax bill would mean they'd have to give up renting a movie for four nights that year and that would be an economic hardship...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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