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Re: [IP] Problems in the classroom-re USA Today article

Hey guys, regarding the USA Today article that I think started this whole 
thread...I just found the article in Tuesday's USA Today.  There is a picture 
of the little girl with diabetes mentioned in the article.  I found it a 
little confusing, the picture that is...it shows the girl, and on the counter 
next to her is a container of glucagon, a bottle of humalog, test strips, a 
One-Touch, a bottle of ketone strips...and then there is an insulin pump AND 
regular syringes.  I know that nobody who doesn't have diabetes might pick 
this up, but I found it weird that the article talked about giving the girl a 
shot if she should need it by going into a coma, and then showing the 
syringes AND an insulin pump.  It doesn't explain the pump at all.  I just 
thought it was weird.  Kelly
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