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Re: [IP] no testing on public bus

At 04:20 PM 2/17/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >VERY LEAST we can do is manage our disease out in the
> > open- in the streets, in public restaurants and stores, and in OUR
> > SCHOOLS!  Diabetes is nothing to hide.
>I beg to differ on one small item, at least for type 1's.
>Diabetes is not really a disease. The disease part has come and gone
>and left behind a functionally dead pancreas. What remains is merely
>a "condition" that is really not much different than if the pancreas
>were removed. Diabetes for a type 1 or a type 2 that has reached the
>"limit" is a matter of managing without a part of their body
>functioning properly.
>You certainly would not call a person with an amputated leg someone
>with "leg disease". Diabetes as we know it on a day to day basis
>truly is a disability as opposed to a disease. The horrendous side
>effects might be classified as a disease or disease process, but
>certainly not the lack of a functioning pancreas.
>OK, flame me .... heh... heh...
>email @ redacted

Well spoken Michael.

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