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Re: [IP] high fat/protein??

> I am interested in what you said about the fat/protein.  My nutritionist
> has repeatedly said that fat and protein do NOT affect the BG in any way
> whatsoever


we were told this too while on MDI>  and it seemed to be true until we
started pumping!

if geneva eats a high fat/protein meal at dinner...(the proverbial pizza
dilemma!)  her numbers will be MUCH higher for hours.  this means:

1.)  we have to correct at bedtime
2.)  we have to set a higher temp basal from 8 pm until about 12 midnight.

I find that if geneva eats barley soup or  vegetables with pasta or fish
that she has much lower BGs during this 8-12 midnight time slot.

I used to think that it was a growth thing that cause the highs at this
time, but this has either stopped or I was wrong.  now I look at her food at
dinner when I am assessing her high levels at bedtime.

we eat around 5:30 pm and she goes to bed at 9:30...so there should be
plenty of time for her levels to come down by then.  (provided she doesn't
hit the ice cream or cookies later!)

fat content definitely affects her levels.   there have been numerous posts
on this issue in the past!

mom to almost 11 yr. old geneva

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