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Re: [IP] high fat/protein??

>  My
> nutritionist has repeatedly said that fat and protein do NOT affect
> the BG in any way whatsoever.  I have always found that to be a
> crock, but then,  
You are right. Fat in the diet, even if mixed with a relatively high 
glycemic food, slows the digestion process. If you eat cake, your 
bg's go up pretty fast (no frosting). If you eat cake with 
buttercream frosting (same amount of carbs) your bg's will go up 
slower and peak later due to the hugh amount of fat, even though the 
carbs are almost entirely from straight sugar.

Protein converts to carbo very slowly over a number of hours. There 
is a conversion formula in the back of Pumping Insulin -- I don't 
remember it off the top of my head. Anyway, look at what pizza does 
to you. It is basically bread and cheese. The cheese is a protein 
that digests over a 4 - 6 hour period and is converted to carbs.
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