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Re: [IP] high fat/protein??

ALL food which turns into energy has to become sugar in order to 
be used by the body.   Fat and protein eventually break down and 
hit much later (at least what we've been told) - I forget the 
formula..but I can tell you that fat and protein dramatically delay 
the absorbtion of CHO - if Allie eats, for example, a string cheese 
stick before bed (which your nutritionist says would have no effect), 
her bgs are much less variable overnight, as the fat and protein of 
the cheese delays the peak of the snack carbs...


  My nutritionist
> has repeatedly said that fat and protein do NOT affect the BG in any way
> whatsoever.  I have always found that to be a crock, but then,  I never
> went to school for this!

Steve Winer - Dad to Allie
14 y/o - dx 6/97 - MM508 12/99
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