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Re: [IP] no testing on public bus

Hi Insulin Pumpers,

I haven't written for awhile because I have been so incredibly busy; but 
this email demands my response...

I don't imagine everyone will agree with me on this one.  But I believe 
there are certain times and certain things in life in which "policies" and 
"rules" are absolutely irrelevant!  Charisma, if your son has low bg, he 
better eat!  There is no consideration of policies or etiquette about it.

Almost 50 years ago Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man in 
Alabama.  The policies on your son's bus are ludicrous and wrong.  I cannot 
stress enough to you how important it is for your son to learn not to be 
ashamed of his disease toward other people, and to definitely assert himself 
strong enough and well enough NOT to endanger his life on account of other 
people's "comfort."  I believe this lesson applies not only to buses, but to 
classrooms, airplanes, work-places, restaurants, churches, and so on.  In 
our lives with Diabetes, where we are forced to unfairly struggle with 
health each and every day, and our society does so little to help us 
(namely- horrible health care system in America) manage, the VERY LEAST we 
can do is manage our disease out in the open- in the streets, in public 
restaurants and stores, and in OUR SCHOOLS!  Diabetes is nothing to hide.

As those of us Diabetics who are adults now, I believe it is our 
responsibility to educate people so as to make life a little easier for 
those younger Diabetics who are just now beginning to deal with Diabetes.  
Just as creating an environment of acceptance, love, and understanding 
regarding prejudices of race, sex, sexual orientation, etc. requires 
exposure and education, it is also required regarding Diabetes.

Eat on the bus.  Prick in the classroom.  Bolus at the lunch table.

my 2 cents [and then some :) ]

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