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Re: [IP] Problems in the classroom

I'm becoming a teacher, I graduate in May.  I also have had diabetes for the 
past 12years.  I feel very strongly about children not having to leave the 
classroom to test their blood sugar.  If the school officials feel that the 
children need to be present in front of the nurse than have the nurse come to 
the classroom and test the child's blood sugar.  This way the school has 
control, but so doesn't the child over their education.  The child will be in 
the classroom to hear what is going on without missing any information.
    I'm majoring in Elementary Ed and specializing moderate special needs.  
And what I have been taught is that all students are entitled to and should 
be in the least restrictive environment.  And this would mean that students 
remain in the classroom while testing their blood sugar.  Even if the child 
has a special place in the classroom to test out of the way in the back of 
the room is better than leaving the classroom altogether.
    A week ago this past Monday, Newscenter 5 in Boston, Massachusetts had a 
report on this very topic.  Showing two different children, one an eleven 
year old testing his BS at his desk while the teacher was still teaching and 
a 15 yr. old that is on the pump.  The 15 yr. old is told that she can test 
in the classroom only in an emergency.  Which she went on and said every time 
is an emergency because she needs to know if she is high or low so she can do 
something about it and help prevent any complications in the future.  It was 
a great segment.
    I just wanted to add my 2 cents, especially from an educators 
perspective.  I want to go around schools to educate faculty on diabetes 
because there are so many children with living it.  The more knowledge 
everyone knows the better off everyone is.
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