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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

> << I think if each parent would just spend one day in the classroom
> (not be able 
>  to be seen by students) the parent may have just a little more
>  respect for the job that is being done.  >>

> I would advise volunteering in the classroom
> once in awhile -- not just to see what teachers have to put up with,
> but to maybe make a difference in a young life.

With my 5 kids, my wife and I have volunteered many hours in the 
class room. 2 days a week X5 kids for pre-school and kindergarden. 
What I have seen is that the teachers for the most part are caring 
and really want to help. My problem has always been with the 
big shot administrators and "district management" of the schools who 
tend the get in the way of common sense things like bg testing. With 
Lily, the so-called school nurse had many demands about when, where, 
how, etc.... testing and extra supplies should be handled. 
Fortunately, there is only one for the entire district of about 30 
schools so I've just ignored her over the years and she is to busy or 
uninterested to realize that we have never ever responded to any of 
her requests for information or receipt of her "rules". At each of 
the schools the local administrative staff as well as the teachers 
have always been very kind and helpful with regard to diabetes 
issues. Maybe we are just lucky in this respect.
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