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Re: [IP] Excellent sermonizing

I agree!!!! Very well put!! Rachel :0)

>From: "Bonnie Richardson" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] Excellent sermonizing
>Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 11:45:10 -0800
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>Thanks, Randall!!  You said it so well, as usual.  Here!  Here!
>Bonnie Richardson
>Randall wrote the following:
>But the problem is when the school districts just won't hire the necessary
>help... sometimes they are more interested in spending the money on
>important things like a new surface for the baseball field, an assistant 
>the substitute for the basketball coach,  or a new car for the
>Superintendant...  As the parent of a child with a disability that requires 
>be closely supervised I have many concerns about whether or not the school
>system will treat him properly.  As parents we are caught in a bind - the
>school system will quite happily tell us to quit our jobs to volunteer full
>time in the school and then also be quick to tell us that we "aren't 
>for our children" because they are the only kid in the class without new
>Nike's for Toddlers ($85 a pair and they aren't very good quality to boot!)
>Our society is such that parents are forced to work long hours to maintain
>the economic boom and then castigated because they aren't spending time
>with their kids... and we wonder why kids grow up confused?  It's because
>as a group we are comprimised in our priorities and values - and have
>decided to abandon our core values in order to sacrifice on the altar of
>Wall Street...
>And we make increasing demands on everyone, including school teachers.
>Like everyone else they are being pressed on every side - with the school
>boards wanting to increase "productivity" (measured in how many students
>each teacher can handle) while decreasing costs (no more training, supplies
>or help)...  while the management at the top draws ever bigger salaries and
>expense accounts with bonuses that exceed several times what their
>employees make...  Too bad we can't force our legislators into the
>classrooms or the administrators into helping with the jobs like changing 
>diapers or helping a child with a severe disability just make it through 
>day... of course in my mind it would be better if they could change places
>with the child for a year or two...  but when it comes to "playing God" I'm
>in marketing, not administration (and we all should be glad of that!)
>All too often the people who advocate "cost cutting at any price" are the
>same ones who espouse "family values"... but don't see the conflict when
>they end up sounding like Ann Landers and her advocacy of trash like "none
>but the perfect Master Race should be seen in public"
>Oh well, I'm almost in sermonizing gear now... and the site I changed out
>today in my side is hurting where the IV3000 irritated the skin... and I'm
>tired, and like many of us I'm just tired of the endless finger sticks,
>bolusing, calculating and attempting to keep things going...  so I'm going 
>go rock my smallest son to sleep and see if I can get some sleep too after 
>do the bedtime bg ritual...
>Rev. Randall Winchester
>WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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