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RE: [IP] sil's - insertion

> Michael and IP Admin Crew and List Members,
> I was thinking about this current thread and technology and was
> wondering the following.  I know you got people to send pictures of
> their sites so maybe someone would be brave enough to do the
> following.
Not many, but a few...

> Have someone video tape their insertion, obviously zoomed in on the
> actual insertion.  My brother in law has a converter that can turn
> the video tape into real video and then we could place the real
> video link on the site and people could down load it to see how to
> do an insertion?

That would be great!!!  We would need stills from the video as well 
since not everyone has "real video" capability and it crashes some 
> Even better is if someone has a digital camera to copy it straight
> onto their computer and send it.  
Yep! Yep! Yep!

> Just a thought.  Although those little paper instructions aren't
> bad, I can understand Erinn's request to see someone physically do
> it.

Did I hear you volunteer? <vbg>
email @ redacted
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