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Re: [IP] auto-immune problems

Laura Lillie wrote:

> Makes me wonder. No family history (extended or otherwise) of either
> diabetes or auto-immune problems. No illnesses prior to diagnosis at age 23.
> Standard childhood illnesses (measles, chickenpox, etc - no mumps) but no
> major or viral illnesses since I was around 2.

Because it takes BOTH the genetic tendency AND the trigger to cause a
person to develop an auto-immune condition, it's not surprising that
many of us have no evidence of auto-immunity in our families.

As far as extended family, it's really hard to be certain about the
health histories of much more than your grandparents, aunts and uncles
and first cousins. And even then, there may have been stuff you never
found out about. 

For example, I seem to be the only one in my extended family with
auto-immune thyroiditis. But I really don't KNOW if any of my cousins
have it and just didn't tell me, or will develop it in the future, nor
if any of their CHILDREN will. 

As far as diabetes, I'm the only one in this generation who has it, so
far as I know!But I'm not in touch with all my cousins or with their

In addition, it can be hard to know if a relative you were TOLD had Type
2 wasn't really a slowly developing Type 1 in disguise. I suspect that
my grandmother may have been that, but REALLY don't know!

In the end, it doesn't really matter, except insofar as you'd like to be
able to know the risk to your children. For yourself, just keep on
controlling those old BGs!!! 
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