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[IP] RE High after breaking a fast.

     >>I would guess it has to do with the fact that you had not had any 
     >>thus no insulin still left over in your body to help buffer the 
     lunch you
     >>just had.  Same would go for the sleeping thing.  I had this happen 
     to me
     >>when try to fine tune my basal rates.  Take an extra unit or so more 
     >>Nancy 35 y/D 12 years pumping
     >If this were the case, wouldn't she be going high after breakfast 
     >anyway, because when we all wake up we are fasting for up to 8 or 9 
     >(if we are lucky enough to get that much sleep) ? 
     >Just my take of it.
     >Pumping @Ft. Bragg, NC
     >Sheila Morris
     Hi all, 
     I think I am a bit confused. I use only Humalog in my pump. I eat 
     breakfast around 7:30 am and lunch around 11:30. On days when I don't 
     fast, wouldn't my breakfast bolus be gone by lunch anyway?   Since it 
     mainly happens after I break a morning fast, (basal tests days or 
     sleeping in days ), could it have something to do with a reduced 
     metabolism? All the info about skipping breakfast being a bad way to 
     diet because you then burn less all day? Just taking a wild guess on 
     this one.  The engineer in me keeps looking a scientific explanation.
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