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Re: [IP] Re: Butt sites

Bill, I use my butt for silhouettes quite often, as least as far around as
i can reach to insert.
  And I don't have my excess fat either.   One thing i learned was to
select the site location while standing up.  Then sit and insert it.
Reason is, that when you sit down, all that butt flesh gets pushed out and
up, and what might seem to be a good site while sitting may turn out to be
pushing up against muscle or bone when you then stand up.   Most women seem
to have more flesh in that area (notice my careful choice of words to avoid
a discrimination lawyer :-),  so it might not be as much of a problem with

>when I removed the cannula it was bent (first time there was
>also some blood in it).  I remember reading a theory that bent cannulas can
>result from muscle/tissue moving after cannula in place, and I'm wondering
>anyone else has had this problem -

<<<<<<Yea, I decided to experiment with a new site and my endo recommended the
butt.  I was a little sceptical since most of the people talking about the
butt site were women.  I found my fattest spot and gave it a go.  It lasted
about 24 hours and I got a "no delivery" on my 508.  The cannula was bent.
I hear a lot from women on alternative sites to the abdomen, but not much
from men.  Any success stories from men??>>>>>>>>>

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