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Re: [IP] Problems in the classroom

Teaching science and math and being an educator is what my daughter tries
to do. She loves "her" kids. But there are laws she has to follow and as
far a salary goes..HA! getting paid under 30,000 per year...being at school
when it opens to doing her grading til 11:00 PM dealing with parents who
could care less and having tenure taken away in the state in which she
lives- having to give up her weekends for coaching, being at the dances to
make sure the kids are safe etc etc etc etc .why would she want to stay?
because she cares for the children. But she knows most of what the children
learn come from home and most of the time because of laws her hands are
tied. And when she tries to help..it never comes to anything. There isn't
enough money in teaching. Most teachers I know are teachers because they
love to teach. 
So let's not get on the backs of teachers..I am bowing out of this thread
as this will only lead to a flame war and that isn't the goals of this

At 01:03 PM 02/17/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I have been dealing extensively with the public schools systems for the past 
>49 years.  We all like to think that we know the answer to the problem with 
>education.   Our world has changed tremendously in that time.   One fact 
>remains the same. A teacher is a teacher and an educator is a professional.  
>That is, they focus on only teaching a child to deal on the subject matter 
>and passing the subject test to improve their chances of getting a raise at 
>the end of the year.  All you have to do is observe the teacher and child 
>relationship.   I had a teacher this past year that very quickly claimed to 
>be a professional educator and that she was in the classroom to teach not to 
>baby sit.  Well, it claim out in talking with several teachers in the 
>conference.   The ones that considered themselves teachers appear to love
>children and wanted them to succeed in life.   The educator implied that 
>loving and understand the children was not a part of their job.   It was 
>their job to present the material and it was up to the child and the parents 
>to see that the child learned the subject.   The difference is that every 
>child will not be the next president, thank God, but every child who is let 
>in the right direction will succeed.   
>Teaching math, science, or any subject is not presenting the material but 
>building the desire in the children to want to know more.   
>Children are being push to much in some areas and not enough in other
> I go out to work at 6:05AM and the kids are already walking to the bus
>  They don't get home until 4::15 PM.   Then they have 3 hours of
>They spend more time moving from classroom to classroom than in the 
>Teaching is not a science it is an art form.  Those that are good at it 
>understanding childern.   I recently had a teacher who was bragging on how 
>many of her children had succeed in life.  She had a right to brag.  She
>what those kids had done as adults, where they were, and what they had 
>accomplished.  The reason, the kids were inspired by her and kept in touch 
>over all those years.
>Go to the local library and pull up the state statistics for public schools 
>and look at the ratio of support personnel to teachers.   Look at the salary 
>of principals and superintendents compared to the teachers.   It is a sad 
>story.  The reason is it is money driven.  
>Most teachers have not problem working with the problems of children with 
>disabilities.   There is no safety concerns unless a person  believes 
>everything that is written to promote more health care spending, more 
>television dollars, more newspaper articles.   Our economy is driven by
>not what we can do to help our fellow man but what can you do for me.   
>People who cry that is not my job will never be successful.  Those who say
>is not my job bu I can find a way to may our society a little better will 
>succeed.   We as adults have had to spend the last year teaching our
>that it is not ok to lie, even if you are the President yet we are supposed 

>to be a better society.  Let's all get back to teaching our young people 
>about dealing with life.   
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