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[IP] ? for ladies re: assisted reproduction therapy

I am trying to get pregnant with the help of some hormone therapy. I took 25 
days of premarin then 10 days of provera to get a menses. Once I did I began 
5 days of clomid. Now we are trying so Please say a prayer for us. My 
question is if anyone had to take hormones such as these did you notice any 
changes in basals? I was running ok with some highs but now that I am off the 
pills my numbers are lower across the board. Too low! My endo said he did not 
think it was the pills, maybe just that I am finally adjusting to the pump. I 
have been pumping 3.5 months. I just think its odd how a week after not 
taking hormones my #'s are really dropping. Or is it just a weird week?? Any 
input is always appreciated!!  Leesa  email @ redacted (if you would like to 
e-mail me privately :o) )
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