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RE: [IP] couple questions--TEACH ME!!!

>#1  What is YMMV?
Your Mileage May Vary (Basically what works for me may not work the same for

>#2 Ratio will be what amount of insulin it takes to accomodate so many
>carbs, correct?
There are two ratios.  First insulin/carb :  1unit: 10g Carb (for me).  So
if I eat 35g of Carb I take 3.5 units of Humalog.  Second high blood sugar
ratio:  1 unit : 33 units over target (for me).  So if I am 166 and my
target is 100 I would take 2 units to correct.

>#3 Basal rate is going to be the amount of insulin you get 
>"continuously" all day, such as .7 units divided up by three to be dosed
>every three minutes per hour?  In other words you get .7 units an hour? 
Yes, the Basal rate is the insulin you get "continuously" all day.  However
everything else depends on the pump that you have.  I know that the MM508
takes the hourly rate such as .7 and spreads it out over the hour, so you
would get .1 unit every 8.6 minutes or so.  If you have a .1 hourly rate you
would get .1 every half hour.  Someone else will have to tell you how the
Disetronic works but your explanation sounds more like how it delivers.
However the rate can be set to a different number at different parts of the
day.  For example I have .6 from 12am-3am, .5 from 3am-12pm, and .6 from
12pm-12am.  But I could have many more different ones then that.

>#4  How difficult was it to figure out what foods effect you---example 1
>unit lowers 60-75 points...<snip>
There are explanations for this and all the above on the ip home page.
Under many of the internal links.  You just have to spend some time reading
all of them. :)  However, food was mostly a trial and error thing to see how
things effected my bg.  But mostly for food it comes down to carb counting.
Although I think a CDE should really figure out your ratios for you if you
aren't doing them yet, the Insulin Pumping book does have some ballpark
suggestions to start with, although the amounts they listed are nothing like
what I am using.  So be careful taking everything as written in stone.  

>#5 Would anyone be willing to tell me their basic diet for a six yr old
>boy?  What foods you eat or avoid and why?  Just basic, such as "salad: 
>healthy, low bg after.  corn: too starchy, higher bgs after"  Or

For diet I can't help you other then the typical diet that a six year old
will eat.  My 6 year old cousins lived on Hotdogs and mac and cheese for a
week because it was the only thing they would touch. :)  As for the other
things that can be mostly solved by carb counting.  If you are taking a set
amount of insulin at a certain time of day and correction for highs and then
eating whatever, the numbers will rarely work for you.  In this case you are
feeding the insulin.  That is why he is low from salad and high from corn.
If you carb counted you would know that a basic salad of lettuce, cucumber,
tomato may only have 5 of Carb while a 1/2 cup of frozen corn cooked without
anything added is about 15g of carb.  To me this is a difference of 1 unit
of insulin and 33 pts. on my bg.  Also consider what he/she is eating with
the corn or salad.  This was the frustration I went through last year when I
didn't know about carb counting.  I couldn't explain why things weren't
working.  Problem was I had dropped my protein and fat intake and upped my
carb intake and my bgs went ballistic.

FYI:  Different doctors have different takes on starting people on the pump.
My doctor and CDE are excellent and I adore them.  But they won't put anyone
on the pump until they are masters at carb counting.  They believe that carb
counting is the secret to being a successful pumper.  So you may find that
even though the doctor is supportive of pumps, they may want to help you and
your child to learn carb counting before they approve.

-- Sherry
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