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[IP] Excellent sermonizing

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Thanks, Randall!!  You said it so well, as usual.  Here!  Here!
Bonnie Richardson

Randall wrote the following: 

But the problem is when the school districts just won't hire the necessary 
help... sometimes they are more interested in spending the money on 
important things like a new surface for the baseball field, an assistant for 
the substitute for the basketball coach,  or a new car for the 
Superintendant...  As the parent of a child with a disability that requires he 
be closely supervised I have many concerns about whether or not the school 
system will treat him properly.  As parents we are caught in a bind - the 
school system will quite happily tell us to quit our jobs to volunteer full 
time in the school and then also be quick to tell us that we "aren't providing 
for our children" because they are the only kid in the class without new 
Nike's for Toddlers ($85 a pair and they aren't very good quality to boot!)
Our society is such that parents are forced to work long hours to maintain 
the economic boom and then castigated because they aren't spending time 
with their kids... and we wonder why kids grow up confused?  It's because 
as a group we are comprimised in our priorities and values - and have 
decided to abandon our core values in order to sacrifice on the altar of 
Wall Street...  

And we make increasing demands on everyone, including school teachers.  
Like everyone else they are being pressed on every side - with the school 
boards wanting to increase "productivity" (measured in how many students 
each teacher can handle) while decreasing costs (no more training, supplies 
or help)...  while the management at the top draws ever bigger salaries and 
expense accounts with bonuses that exceed several times what their 
employees make...  Too bad we can't force our legislators into the 
classrooms or the administrators into helping with the jobs like changing the 
diapers or helping a child with a severe disability just make it through the 
day... of course in my mind it would be better if they could change places 
with the child for a year or two...  but when it comes to "playing God" I'm 
in marketing, not administration (and we all should be glad of that!)

All too often the people who advocate "cost cutting at any price" are the 
same ones who espouse "family values"... but don't see the conflict when 
they end up sounding like Ann Landers and her advocacy of trash like "none 
but the perfect Master Race should be seen in public"

Oh well, I'm almost in sermonizing gear now... and the site I changed out 
today in my side is hurting where the IV3000 irritated the skin... and I'm 
tired, and like many of us I'm just tired of the endless finger sticks, 
bolusing, calculating and attempting to keep things going...  so I'm going to 
go rock my smallest son to sleep and see if I can get some sleep too after I 
do the bedtime bg ritual...
Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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