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Re: [IP] Re: professor's request not to care for DM in class

I was very concerned as I have read this thread.  I am a student (forever it
seems lol), and I have just entered my classrooms and on the first day of
class informed my profs that there will be times that I may have to eat or
drink during class time, check blood sugars and/or give myself boluses.  If
I do this the first day before class starts, there doesn't seem to be a
problem.  I have only had one prof have difficulty with it, but I just
informed him that I didn't want to miss any of the lecture or class work
time since I paid the same money as everyone else in the class to hear what
was taught.  Therefore, I would be doing this during class.  I have not even
turned off the beeps.  I have had several other students ask what I was
doing during class, but that has only given me a chance to educate one more
person (or several depending on the group).  If the prof has a problem,
contact your student services department for disabled students.  They can
deal with the prof in the manner the school regulates.  Good luck to all of
you, but we just have to stand up for ourselves at the beginning and most
people are okay with it.

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