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[IP] couple questions--TEACH ME!!!

Hi all,
Until I get the book Pumping Insulin, I am trying to gleen from these
I really appreciate the responses to my first "questionarre! "  LOL  How
bout another?

#1  What is YMMV?

#2 Ratio will be what amount of insulin it takes to accomodate so many
carbs, correct?

#3 Basal rate is going to be the amount of insulin you get 
"continuously" all day, such as .7 units divided up by three to be dosed
every three minutes per hour?  In other words you get .7 units an hour? 
Then for the daily total you multiply .7 by 24 hours?  Is this something
you can begin to figure out before the pump?  I know that sounds stupid,
but I wanna cover all the bases here.  

#4  How difficult was it to figure out what foods effect you---example 1
unit lowers 60-75 points?  Is there a way to figure this out now, before
the appt for evaluation for pump?  PLEASE?  I suspect there is, but how
to do it without singling out a food at snack for instance, and with the
R pekaibg, and the N just leaping in and all that craziness, how do you
get if figured?  I do know it takes 6 gluc tabs and not 4 to bring him
up 100-150 points.  Big whoop.  Can we say "real life?"

#5 Would anyone be willing to tell me their basic diet for a six yr old
boy?  What foods you eat or avoid and why?  Just basic, such as "salad: 
healthy, low bg after.  corn: too starchy, higher bgs after"  Or
whatever?  Our clinic has completely ignored this issue and the books
mention foods he would not touch with a ten foot pole!  LOL  Nor, I for
that matter!

Thank you very much for your patience so far.  This group is tricky to
keep up with, but it is worth it to have so many members active!  So
many ideas and so much support!

Charisma :)
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