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[IP] minimed supplys from merck medco

In a message dated 02/17/2000 8:09:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 They don't carry pump supplies FORTUNATELY !!, at least not for BS/BC 
 of Calif. You get to purchase those elsewhere, probably MM. >>

I am shocked that we seem to be the only ones, but ALL our pump supplies 
including the pump itself come from Merck Medco!  Our stuff comes out of TX.  
It is actually what caused some delay (not much, but when you are waiting it 
is an eternity) in us getting the pump.  The dr. sent the prescription to 
minimed, minimed had to send it to merck, merck had to order pump from 
minimed, minimed had to send it to merck and merck had to send it to us! 
Whew! Also, all our supplies, tubing, reserviors, batteries all come from 
merck, not minimed.  They are minimed supplies though.  I wondered why we 
never had the option to order them from minimed, but when you only pay $20 
for 700 strips, and $20 for 36 micro softsets etc.  It is a bit hard to 
complain.  As far as reordering, they allow us to reorder after 2 months (I 
guess to allow a month to get them).  I find this reasonable.
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