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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm


Well, said.  I am a teacher, not a classroom teacher, but still an educator 
and a pumper.  I tried to say my 2c worth yesterday, but didn't want to seem 
too biased.
I think if each parent would just spend one day in the classroom (not be able 
to be seen by students) the parent may have just a little more respect for 
the job that is being done.  My question to them is: Just how long could you 
stand to be in a room filled with 30 or more kids (any age) and deal with all 
their different little personalities, there up bringing and or lack of it in 
some cases, their lack of respect for the teacher (because parents talk about 
teachers at home like they are dirt), their home problems (these do have 
bearing on their behavior as well as their learning process), the language 
they use,
and then add a few medical problems, kids leaving to go to somewhere else in 
the buildingfor some reason (not exactly testing bg"s), the kid who needs to 
go to the restroom in the middle of class, one just got sick on the floor 
(sick when left home but Mom couldn't miss work so had to send sick child to 
school), don't forget the fire drill in the middle of everything, the 
assembly for the next fund raiser, oh yes, and don't forget this is the week 
that teacher must start work on the variety show because that brings in a lot 
of money, deal with the child who forgot lunch money, forgot homework or 
didn't even do it, the child that smells  so bad that no one else will sit 
beside them,(this isn't the week for the nurse to come to this school), 
grades are due it's the end of the nine weeks already and low and behold 
there wasn't much time left for teaching.  If I were the teacher and a child 
wanted to check bg while I'm teaching I would say be my guest.

As I said yesterday come to school and educate the educators about diabetes, 
but don't be so hard on the educators until you have spent a day in our 
shoes.  I checked in my school (small town) all diabetics want to leave the 
classroom to check bg's their choice, but no one had a problem if child 
wanted to check in class room as long as they didn't need assistance from 

Nancy 35years both diabetes and teaching.  Believe me folks retirement is 
looking better and better everyday.  
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