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[IP] no testing on public bus

I am going to hop in here and mention tht we have been told not to test
or feed my son on the bus.  

I have told them that I understand the rules--that eating in a moving
vehicle is both dangerous and messy.  But that glucose tablets are not
food.  When the driver has a 9 trillion oz soda, and is eating sunflower
seeds every time, where is the difference? 

The difference is I would have to get my son off of the bus during a
reaction in whatever part of town I happeneed to be in, to slip a piece
of "candy" in his mouth.  

Additionally, regarding testing on the bus, you can just SEE people's
eyes get wide when they see blood.  It is as they think if I have opened
a vial of AIDS and am smearing it all over.  It is sad when my son is
stared down or told to test eslewhere because people refuse to be
educated or tolerant.  I can see if maybe changing a pump site LOL, but
certainly not a finger prick.

I know, that makes ME seem intolerant of people who do not know, or are
afraid, but I am weary this morning so I am cranky.  Another night
without sleep can really make things seemed skewed.
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