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Re: [IP] "Inappropriate

Subject: Re: [IP] "Inappropriate"?

Pixie wrote:

> I have a disabilities counselor who
> could talk to him but this professor has a reputation and is tenured,
> on the outside, it seems reasomable enough (usually) for me to simply
miss a
> couple mins for lecture
joanne wrote:
.>I feel it is never reasonable to expect someone with diabetes to leave
>to test bgs.  Could you perhaps "hide" the meter where the teacher can't
>see?  If I test bgs in church, I don't use the lancing device just the
.>lancet since the device sounds so loud to me and I try to "hide" the
>meter because I don't want to distract others.

>From my experience it seems that all of our electronic gadgets have ways to
turn the sound on and off.  Doing this would easily help to keep it out ear
and eye site.  Besides if your prof. is always looking over your shoulder
to see if you've been testing or bolusing how can he make sure he's even
teaching your class correctly?

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