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RE: [IP] "Inappropriate"?

>I feel it is never reasonable to expect someone with diabetes to leave
>to test bgs. Joanne

Me too!  I test about 10 times a day while at work and about 3 times during
class.  I do use the lancet device but kind of buffer the sound while
holding my hand in my lap.  However, typically no one hears it because the
professor is lecturing at the time.  However, to keep the attention to it to
a minimum (I am not ashamed of it, just don't want to disturb my work mates,
class mates from their work), I turned the beeps off for my meter.  The One
Touch Profile lets you do this.  I am sure a lot of the other meters do too.
This helps since the meter beeps when you turn it on, when it recognizes the
drop of blood and starts counting down, and when it displays the result.  I
did the same when I was in High School with my One Touch II and never had a
problem.  Most of the time no one knew i was doing it.  As for the pump, I
make a point to only use the regular bolus when in class. I have a 508 and
usually use the audio bolus.  With the 508 I could also turn the pump to
vibrate for audio bolus, which I did do in an all day kickoff meeting with
one of our clients.  However, this drains the batteries pretty quickly so I
try not to use it often.

-- Sherry
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