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Re: [IP] adult vs child - carbs/ratios

email @ redacted wrote:
> I know YMMV - but i just seems to me that a child's carb ratio shouldn't be
> like that of an adult!  Or their basel rates!
> Kap's basel rate  is .7 and .8 - is he a high stressed mature little person?

Yes, children are different, but you just can't compare. 

When children are growing, they use a LOT of energy that we adults
don't! It's possible that the growth spurt may require more insulin.

When children enter puberty, their hormones do weird things, sometimes
requiring a lot more insulin than an adult. 

So keeping a child under control is DIFFICULT, because their bodies keep

In addition ALL of us, diabetic or not, have different degrees of
insulin-resistance. Even in Type 1, some people are more
insulin-resistant than others. YMMV bigtime!

So don't worry about the amounts Kap is using -- worry about whether his
BGs are in control, whether he's growing normally, whether he has good
energy and can do the things that are normal for kids his age!!!!


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