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Re: [IP] Saw my endo today -- Woohoo!

Jeanie wrote:

>>And a big WOOHOO back to you, congratulations, things are finally going in
the right direction.  Is that low A1c from crashing 4 times a day?  Maybe
that would help your case to point that out.  We're cheering for you!<<

Thanks Jeanie.  Yes, the low A1c is from all the crashing constantly
anymore.  Seems the older I get the worse I get, and I always thought I
would need more insulin as I got older.  But, that's not been the case for
me.  My endo agreed that this is not a good situation for me.  He's always
told me to try to get my A1c's up a little higher (I've always ranged in the
high 5's low 6's) but every time I try, it just goes lower.  I think that
now that's why he wants to get me on a pump, in his opinion, I can have the
lower A1c's but yet be on a more level control.  And, I think that's going
to be his main argument with the insurance company, that I can't possibly
live a good life with all these crashes, and it's just not safe!

Type 1 for 37 years

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