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Re: [IP] adult vs child - carbs/ratios

> In a message dated 2/16/00 5:27:51 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> <<  I use 30-35 units a day
>  with a ratio of 1 unit of insulin for 15 grams of carb. 
> I know YMMV - but i just seems to me that a child's carb ratio
> shouldn't be like that of an adult!  Or their basel rates! Kap's
> basel rate  is .7 and .8 - is he a high stressed mature little
> person? 

Because kids are GROWING, their basal and overall insulin 
requirements can be as high or higher than a BIG adult. 

Example: at age 13, Lily was at one point up to 80 - 90 units a day 
with 1 unit per 11 grams of carb. She 2 1/2 years later, she uses 
about 50 units a day. but then again, she is not growing a couple of 
inches a year anymore.
email @ redacted
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