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RE: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

I can understand where the school would like to keep the lancet in a
protected area. If another child got to it and stuck him/herself there
would be panic because of blood borne illnesses that could potentially be
The school system where my daughter teaches has no school nurse at the
school every school day. They nurse comes in once a week for one afternoon. 
In the next county the PTO put together enough money to hire R.N s for
every day of the week. The county where my daughter works tried to do the
same thing but not enough parents attend the PTO and there is not enough $$
in the county to afford nurses.
My daughter teaches middle school and really it is very difficult for her
to teach and take care of the special needs children.  She said there
wasn't any way she would want to be liable to give shots or medications
because she is not trained to do so- she was hired to educate children- she
is not a nurse and she is quite concerned that if she were to do something
that would cause problems the parent(s) would be more than happy to sue.
On the other hand she has made some changes at the school because when a
student tells her they are sick she has to take thier temperature...If
there is no temp. then the child is not suppose to go to the office to call
thier parents. But she told the principal that it was not correct for the
child to be denied to call thier parent because they do not have a
temperature because not all viruses etc cause a temperature. My daughter
can get an infection and nenver will get a temp.
Today all the special ed teachers had a conference. During gym classs a
student who has uncontrolled siezures had 3 grand mal siezures one right
after another. My daughter had o help..one of the children had to run and
get the vice principal. While my daughter was attending to the child the
rest of the class had no supervision. My daughter is a very good teacher
but she feels that the public expects teachers to be nurses, teachers,
counselors etc.etc. Is this fair to the students or to her? Parent expect
thier children to be taught. As they should be. parents need to get
together to make sure there is a nurse at he schools full time.  This is my
vent. It isn't correct to put the burden on the teacher. Most teachers have
huge classes...they have only so much time to teach..that is what they are
hired to do.
Kinda sad that she cannot give a child a hug (school policy) but yet at the
other hand she is expected to take care of serious health needs? Go
figure..darned if you do and darned if you don't...

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