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Re: [IP] stressed out newbie

> I'm to the point I don't even want to leave the house becasue of the
> discomfort or (heaven forbid I have to do a site change anywhere but
> home).

The infusion sets should not be uncomfortable, you shouldn't even 
feel them. Possible reasons for the "funny feeling" include but are 
not limited to:

set too deep -- try inserting at 15 - 30 degrees
selected a "not so good" area to insert sites
sensitivity to the particular insulin or one of it's components

the latter sounds more likely if you are using Humalog. You might 
talk to your doc about switching to regular or Velosulin for a week 
to see if the problem goes away. Sites should easily last 3 days and 
you should not feel them.

If it is a poor site selection, try lower abdomen or upper buttocks, 
but I wouldn't think that was the problem.

I'm sure you'll get many other ideas as well.
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