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[IP] re: stressed out newbie?

<<<I also feel like a nervous wreck, tense most of the time even nauseous.
I was wondering if anyone else had emotional issues about diabetes (dx
at 10 years, 30 years a diabetic) and getting the pump.  I just feel
like a basket case at times especially in the evening when I'm really
tired and if I have to do a site change I practically get sick.  I keep
wondering if the problem is the pump or these emotional health issues
that I've struggled with for years.  At times I feel like a big idiot
becasue everywhere I look everyone seems to be so happy with there pumps
despite problems.

Not everyone has an easy start... my sister had her first "nervous
breakdown" when she saw the sil (long needle) infusion set.  Tears,
hystericaly, etc.  She claims that to this day she gets totally worked up
about a set change - that she has to lie down for five minutes afterwards
and feels weak.

But she has stuck with it, and i think every day gets a little bit easier.
A lot of people have allergies or other problems that give them a rough
start.  Talk to your CDE, talk to your trainer... and of course, talk to us!
And maybe someone will come through with an explanation or solution for you.

Hang in there,

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