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Re: [IP] HbA1C Question

hba1c is an average of your blood glucose levels for the last 3 months.  if 
you test 4 to 8 times a day, it is still only 4 to 8 points in time over a24 
hour period.  of course, our blood sugars do not usually change tremendously 
from minute to minute.  but i think you can see that the hba1c will still be 
more exact than just averaging all your bg readings for the 3 month period.
so, if your bg readings are high work on getting them lower.  they may be 
high from stress, infection (known or unknown), wrong insulin/carb ratio, or 
wrong basal rate - to name some things that come to mind.  excersize reduces 
stress and makes insulin more efficient.  
once your bg readings are lower, i am sure your hba1c will also drop.

type 1   43 years, pumping for 1
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