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Re: [IP] Rapids Question


Don't give up.  I have been using the rapids for about 10 years.  They seem 
to be the only one that works for me.  I too, have the vessel problem.  My 
body looks like a road map.  Here is what I do: After inserting the needle 
tap on it and see if there is any pain.  Even the littlest pinch feeling will 
probably give you trouble.  If it doesn't hurt by tapping on it then thump on 
it a few times.  If it still doesn't hurt push on it pretty hard.  If there 
is any discomfort get it out of there and try somewhere else.  You are 
hitting or are near a small capillary and eventually it will irritate and 
blood will come from it and your sugar will go high.  I lived this way for a 
long time, because I had to figure it out by myself.  My endo didn't believe 
it even though it happened the first time I ever put a set in.  I was in the 
hospital and my sugar soared, she saw the blood but didn't even think that it 
might be the blood keeping the insulin form being used correctly.  It was 
very new to her too.  So after I got it figured out and found some sites that 
work and don't give me trouble I just keep using those areas.  I also leave 
it in for a week because it is too much of a hassle to keep trying to find a 
spot that won't bleed. 

Well, let me know what happens.

Nancy 35years D pumping 12 years.
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