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[IP] Fwd: Diabetes Research support in politics

   Hi everyone . . .I got this forward on another diabetes list, I'm not 
sure if it's been posted here yet but I figured some people might want to 
see it.  -Gianna

>>  Let me first state that politics is a individual choice and =>from 
>> >>what I have seen and read I like Al Gore in Nov.  So I went to 
>>=>www.algore2000.com and looked around to send some info to him or  staff 
>>=>on the diabetes issue.  I copied it and that follows.  If anyone would 
>>=>like to join in and send a note follow the link and go to the "Town 
>>=>Hall".  On the right colum there is a space to write what you would 
>>=>like. As a group we may be able to do some good!!!  Good Luck and with 
>>=>the internet and modern comminications and the amount of us in this 
>>=>group maybe we could get somewhere?!?!?
  I am part of a very large email =>community that deals with diabetes and 
would like to share what McCain =>had to say about raising the funds in 
research for finding a cure for =>diabetes.
>Many thanks to Columbia, South Carolina's WNOK-FM's "Morning Rush" radio =
>program for being good sports in the fight to cure diabetes.  PLEASE =>STOP 
>>This morning, thanks to you, the radio station received more than 400 
>>=>emails and many faxes.  As a result, Senator John McCain was asked the 
>>=>following question:
>"Senator McCain, in New Hampshire you said you would issue a written 
>=>statement in support of finding a cure for diabetes.  But you haven't 
>=>done it yet.  Why not?"
>To which McCain replied (this is a paraphrase of his remarks and not a 
>=>direct quote):=20
>Look, I support finding a cure for diabetes, but these people want me to 
>=>sign a statement calling for a tripling or a quadrupling of the diabetes 
>=>research budget. =20
>>We have this institute called NIH that oversees all research funding and 
>>=>for political reasons I cannot support that.  This is a decision that is 
>>=>best left to the researchers and administrators at NIH.=20
>Look, we have a serious diabetes health problem with Indian populations 
>=>in Arizona.  You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Senate with 
>=>a more pro-diabetes record than mine.  But absolutely, as President I 
>=>will work for and support efforts to find a cure for diabetes and to 
>=>help people with diabetes.  (End of response).
>Although Senator McCain asserts that you would be "hard pressed" to find 
>=>anyone in the Senate with a better record in support of diabetes, within 
>=>the last year Senator McCain:
>Was one of just 7 Senators to not vote for the Collins Amendment in =
>support of DRWG and finding a cure for diabetes.
>Was not among the 39 Senators to sign a letter to Senate Appropriations =
>Chairman Arlen Specter in support of DRWG and finding a cure.
>These were the two major ways for Senators to publicly show their =
>support for DRWG and finding a cure for diabetes last year.  =
>Unfortunately, Senator McCain did not support either one.
>While it's great that our question got asked, Senator McCain's reply is 
>=>similar to what we've been hearing from Washington for years.  "I 
>=>support a cure, but not the money needed to find it."
>We are now planning our next steps.  For now, we are looking for =
>advocates in the key primary state of Michigan and other states where 
>=>candidates are campaigning.  If you will get involved, please contact 
>=>Tom Boyer, our chief organizer of this effort, at email @ redacted
>Many thanks for your support!  We'll be back in touch soon.
>Leading the fight to cure diabetes.......
>Joseph LaMountain
>National Director of Advocacy
>American Diabetes Association
>1701 N. Beauregard Street
>Alexandria, VA 22311
>Fax: 703-549-8748 >>>>>>>>>
>email @ redacted

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