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[IP] stressed out newbie

Hello Everyone,

I've been pumping for 9 days now and am totally stressed out.  My
problem is sites,  I'm using the Sils.  My actual sites are not the
problem but the area surrounding the site is.  The area around the site
is uncomfortable and an almost numb feeling.  I've been using the area
between my waist line and my breat.  If I push down on my skin there is
no pain and there is no pain at my sites but this nagging numb feeling.
And my sites don't last for more than 48 hours and that's pushing it.  I
haven't tried any other infusion sets, yet, I'm waiting to get hold of
my supplier.

I also feel like a nervous wreck, tense most of the time even nauseous.
I was wondering if anyone else had emotional issues about diabetes (dx
at 10 years, 30 years a diabetic) and getting the pump.  I just feel
like a basket case at times especially in the evening when I'm really
tired and if I have to do a site change I practically get sick.  I keep
wondering if the problem is the pump or these emotional health issues
that I've struggled with for years.  At times I feel like a big idiot
becasue everywhere I look everyone seems to be so happy with there pumps
despite problems.

I'm to the point I don't even want to leave the house becasue of the
discomfort or (heaven forbid I have to do a site change anywhere but

thanks for listening
Jocelyne - lost in Alberta

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