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Re: [IP] "Inappropriate"?

>Doesn't the "law" require the same things in college as in elementary

The ADA of 1991 does stand in public state universites and protects the
rights of those with "disabilities". I have a disabilities counselor who
could talk to him but this professor has a reputation and is tenured, plus
on the outside, it seems reasomable enough (usually) for me to simply miss a
couple mins for lecture, but on a 530 level religious studies course, it
means you miss alot. . I merely test before the 3 hrs class, wait until they
released us for a 15 break 2 hrs into class ,to get a cup of coffee, and
then I immediately run for the bathroom to check my postprandial sugar as
the hallways are also "inappropriate". It's a nusiance to wait when I
occasionally am dropping or rising.  Maybe it's becuase it's a class on
"Sacrifice" and he doesn't want to see the blood sacrifices (however tiny)
of his students. I have a Latin prof who lets me test as I need to, only
this one prof is rude and trying to shame my diabetes back into a cave. It
just is making nighttime/late afternoon classes hard to handle.


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