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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

Hi everybody,

I've been reading all the posts about the kids not testing in class.  As a 
teacher and a diabetic, (have had D the same amount of time as I have been 
teaching, 35 years) I can see both sides, however I know where the problem 
lies.  It lies with the people who abuse privileges and spoil things for 
others who would like to be considered for a certain behavior.  I'm talking 
about all the abused privileges that have lead to the decisions the school 
boards have had to make to keep from being sued.  They, therefore, are having 
to protect themselves so as not to get sued for some infringement of someone 
else's rights.  Now, I am not sticking up for the schools.  Just that they 
have been put in this position in many cases by other cases which has now 
lead to a blanket coverage to take in all disabilities.  
Someone else said each case should be treated separately, and I agree.

I know where I teach (small town USA) there has never been a problem with any 
diabetic student testing where ever they wish.  All the ones that I have 
known have preferred to go somewhere private.  They have also been able to 
eat in class or be excused to go somewhere to eat.  I have also educated all 
of my peers as well as my students to the fact that I am a diabetic and ask 
them to please understand if I have test eat or whatever.  They are all very 
Now comes my suggestion.  Why don't you, the experienced parent, go to the 
superintendent and ask if you could talk about diabetes and the pump, 
testing, eating, and/or all of your concerns to the teachers during an 
inservice day that the teachers have each year?  At that time why don't you 
ask the teachers if you could take a little time at the beginning of the year 
and talk to the class about the same issues.  If your child is going to be in 
the same school for X amount of years why not educate the educators about 
this life-threatening disease?  I believe the reason for not wanting a child 
to do this testing, etc., is ignorance.  TEACH THEM! 
Also, use reverse psychology on them.  Go in there saying," I know this is a 
lot to ask, I hate to bother you with this because I know how busy you are 
but: My son/daughter needs to do this, this, this and this and I'm asking 
that he/she be allowed to do it during class etc."  Then do it, right then 
run a test, explain why it is so important. la da da da da da da!

These are only some humble suggestions.  I'm not stupid enough to believe 
that it would work in all cases as again each case is different.  
Good Luck to all of you that may be having a problem, and I am on your side.  
Stand up for your rights but at the same time try to educate them after all 
educators need to be educated too.

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