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[IP] re: newby

My suggestion to save time is for you to begin today logging all bgs/times, 
carbs, doses.  You'll need to demonstrate that you are carb counting 
accurately, applying the unused insulin rule, shaving, correcting.  You'll 
need to know his average total daily dose, his correction (sensitivity) 
factor, how to calculate these as they constantly change.  If you're already 
doing this, you are ahead of the game and can demonstrate this.  It would 
help if you had a gram scale and knew about figuring carb factors of his 
foods.  Otherwise they'll make you take a class first, log for a couple of 
weeks to prove you can do it, and that's a delay.  (but worth it)  I would 
think for brittle D pumping would be a great help.  I wish you the best.  
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