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Re: [IP] Fw: Disputed health duties injected...

Natalie wrote:
>I have no problem handling disabled kids' health needs AS LONG AS it
>doesn't compromise the safety and education of the other kids in my

Maybe its just me, but does anyone else feel that different disabilities
require widely different treatments and should therefore not all be
treated the same way? For example, giving a glucagon injection is a
relatively rare, but time-critical lifesaving action. Sort of like
giving CPR. It is not going to take time away from classroom activities
on a regular basis. Similarly, allowing a child to sit at his desk and
do a blood sugar test requires about zero involvement by the teacher.
However, activities like changing a student's diaper are a regular,
on-going activity, which requires much more time on the teacher's part,
and as Natalie pointed out, often requires the teacher to leave the
room.  If I were the parent of another student in such a classroom, I
would be outraged that my child's education (and possibly safety if no
other adult is in the classroom) were suffering! A teacher should not be
forced to cater to the unique health needs of every single child at the
expense of other students.  If a deaf child is in the classroom, is the
teacher expected to learn sign-language? Of course not, that's what
aides are for. So I agree with Natalie, use aides to help with such
health situations.

I am probably going to draw some fire for the following, but: If your
child can handle his own injections or boluses and blood sugars, then he
should be allowed to do so in the classroom. But if your child needs
someone to administer the injection or the bolus every day, then maybe
the teacher is not the person who should be dealing with it. If people
start abusing the disabilities act, sooner or later everyone is going to
lose out.
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