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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

        We had the same problem in 4&5 grade, but I finally pointed out to 
nurse who shows up once or twice a year that he was safer in the classroom 
than in office with all the kids taking other meds including for HIV, asthma, 
skinned elbows, knees, etc., and other students waiting to be picked up by 
their parents because they were sick.  We also pointed out to them if he was 
low, he shouldn't be going unescorted to the office, so it would take 
additional staff and more disruption to the rest of the class room to get him 
there safely as we didn't feel that another student should have to be 
responsible in this situation.
The compromise that was worked out was, as he is a very trustworthy kid, he 
would stay behind at lunch & recesses & take his reading, lock the class 
room, then catch up with every one.  He always made it to lunch with the rest 
of his class before they got through the lunch line and it didn't seem to be 
a problem at recess as his friends always included him when he got there.  We 
also had an understanding that when he was in the halls by himself he didn't 
always have to have a hall pass.  Hope this helps. 
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