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Re: [IP] Contemplating???

Rachel wrote:

<< I went to my endo yesterday 
really enthusiastic about getting on this pump. My bubble was bursted. He 
told me he would not advise it. I told him that I thought I would have 
better control with using a shorter acting insulin. His reply was that I 
would have a lot of low b/s. (I thought that was a good thing but not to 
low?) I told him that I did not have a set routine and that it would be nice 
if I did not have to eat when I did not feel like it. He replied that I 
would set the basal rate and still have to eat at certain times depending on 
when I selected the basal rate to disperse. I thought that is what the bolus 
was for. Am I reading the material wrong?>>


You are correct, and your doctor is woefully misinformed. When you have
your basal rates set correctly on a pump, you don't need to eat to maintain
your blood sugar. You can literally go all day without eating. So if you
have a variable schedule, the pump is ideal. You can eat when it is
convenient for you or only when you are hungry. You count the amount of
carbohydrate in your food and give a bolus to cover that. 

Further, you can adjust your basals to compensate for exercise, which is
one of the main reasons I got a pump. I had become sedentary because I was
afraid to exercise -- for fear of going low. 

Is there another endo in your area? If not, is there a good GP who would be
willing to learn along with you? If not, and if your current doc will
prescribe the pump (albeit reluctantly), you might start sharing with him
all the things you are learning on the IP list. Give him a copy of "Pumping
Insulin" to read. It sounds like he is quite mixed up about pump therapy,
and he may not have really researched it very carefully. Sometimes, docs
get set in their ways and are afraid to prescribe a new treatment that
isn't what they are comfortable with. The trick is to make it less scary
for him.

Good luck!
Mary Jean

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