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Re: [IP] Fw: Disputed health duties injected into teaching of disabled (AKA 504 law)

My 2c worth as a teacher:

I have no problem handling disabled kids' health needs AS LONG AS it
doesn't compromise the safety and education of the other kids in my

If I had a diabetic student who passed out or had a severe low, I have
no problem giving him/her a shot of glucagon. The rest of the class will
learn something about diabetes. 

But I really felt it was going too far when I had to change the diapers
of a deaf, retarded child 3 times daily -- while leaving the rest of the
class unattended -- with NO adult supervision in the room. It was too
much time out of the day. 

One of the things I would like to see is for parents to advocate
intelligently for their children -- sometimes it might mean forcing the
school district to hire additional help. 

I have a child in one of my classes who is wheelchair bound, unable to
speak, or use ANY part of her body. She has an aide who accompanies her
full time, changes her diapers, wipes her mouth, feeds her, and takes
her where she should be. I also have a student aide who works with her
-- the only response she is capable of giving is gaze -- so he asks a
question, then holds up his hands for her to respond yes or no,
depending on which hand she looks at. Thus, there is at least SOME
educational interaction. 

If I didn't have BOTH these fine people, I couldn't cope with this
child, and be expected to teach 30 other children at the same time.  But
that is exactly what some teachers in some districts are being expected
to do. And that's where the fear comes from.

I remember one letter on another list, where the parent of a diabetic
child expected the teacher to sit with the child at lunch and monitor
exactly what the child ate. This is just not possible when you have a
lunchroom filled with 400 other children to supervise. 

A better solution might have been to hire a lunch aide for this child,
if it were necessary to monitor that closely. Centers for Independent
Living have such aides. 

I truly believe that if ALL sides are reasonable, accommodations can be
worked out.  

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