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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

Greetings all:
   Gee - I didn't even ASK for everyone's input YET for my friend's case, but 
this is such a "hot potato" obviously that the stories just keep rolling in 
nonetheless!! I've forwarded every one to her (she's in MA) & things are 
proceeding even as I type! She's already "connected" with the mom in CT who 
successfully battled & won the right for her child to test whenever & 
wherever; and has been receiving support from lots of other resources, 
including a mom in a neighboring congressional district who previously 
battled successfully. By the time this EMPOWERED mom gets done, I wouldn't be 
surprised to see a NATIONAL mandate established! Wouldn't that be nice????
    And to the vast majority of adult IP-ers whose school days predated 
glucose meters; imagine if you will, the ludicrous idea of having the means 
and the motivation to monitor your diabetes as a child...and then having 
those efforts stifled by some school personnel/nurse with outmoded knowledge 
of diabetes!!! Grrrrrr.....
BEWARE the incensed "Momma Bears"! Don't mess with our little cubs!! LOL
Regards, Renee ( melissa's pump-mom)
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