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[IP] Newbie with specific questions

My name is Charimsa . I have a 6 yr old son, Paddy.  he was dx April 20,
1998.  He is brittle, and has not been in any control since late 1998. 
He was hospitalized three times between 
Sep 18, 1999 and Dec 6, 1999!

I know you guys must get this EVERY day but I am have specific
quesitons, and I thought that might help folks choose whether to answer
or not--I mean, we are ALL busy!

He is not on the pump yet, and I only know what I have been learning
through phone calls, emails, and web-searching since Monday.  However, I
have gotten a coveted appt with a doctor Mar 28 and I am eager to go
prepared!  On top of wanting to be as prepared as I possibly can(we ALL
remember the feeling of falling into a deep pit at the diagnosis and
ensuing education onslaught!) , I want to look sharp at this appt,
because it is more of an interview.  The doc is TOTALLY filled up, but
dropping names of the area rep, and some other folks I happened across
in my web-searches got me in the back door, so I am going to have to
convince him to keep us.

How would this month of waiting be best used?  Was there any info you
wish you had had prepared when you started the pump? anything that would
have made it go more smoothly?  I am thik=nking here of questions the
doc might ask that I can't anticipate, such as, what foods effect him
the most, what are hislevels at such and such a time, etc????

any negative elements I should be aware of now so I won't be shocked?

any supplies I can lay in to make it a more pleasant transition?  Is
there a kids book or video?  I try not to make his diabetes a way for
him to get "treats" but I do try to offer support in  an entertaining
form when it is available.  So, while they OFFER colored finger lancets,
as they are inside the penlet and he never sees them , why spend the
money on them? 

any stories you'd like to share about your child's worst
fear/experience?  With his bg so wildly out of control(last A1c's have
been 11.2 and 10.7) he is emotionally fragile!  So sad to see.

any especially profound moments or lessons YOU have learned--do not ever
do _____.Always do __________.  They say this, but this works
better..stuff like that.

Anybody here have disability SSI?  I do, and that is why my son is
covered under Medicaid.  Any stories relating to struggling with
medicaid to get things covered?

ANYTHING you want to share--I'll just gobble it all up. 

MANY thanks ahead of time for any and all replies!!!!
Please know that I have some difficulties with my eyes, so I can only
answer/read so many emails at a time, and may not be able to reply
quickly to individuals!  I am really looking forward to this group, and
hopefully being able to contribute to it in the near future!
Charisma :)
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