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[IP] Re: Which pump


The MiniMed pump is already set up to program in tenths of units if you
need to.  All you have to do is choose that increment from the "Setup

    ... Susan, dx 1/89


> RoseLea wrote:
> > What do you do when you count carbs and they don't come out equally
to 1
> > .5 unit of insulin?  Do you round up and down?
> My carb ratio is 1:12 for breakfast, 1:15 the rest of the day so I
> up or down.  If my carb ratio where higher, I would have the pump
> changed to do a bolus in increments of .2 not .5.
> Joanne

Depending on how sensitive you are to insulin, you can have the
programmed with bolus increments as low as .1 .  I found out very
that I had much better control when I did as little rounding as
both with carbs and boluses.


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