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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000 email @ redacted wrote:
> My 10 year old son is in fourth grade and we are having a terrible time 
> getting the school to allow him to do glucometer checks and pump corrections 
> in the class room.  The administration insists that he walk to the nurses 
> office three times a day (minimum) to do one-touches etc.  He missed an 
> entire class section today and we are at wits end.  Can anyone pass on their 
> experiences or advice on how to work with a school system successfully.  

What the school is doing is against the law. There have been numerous 
cases involving these and similar issues, all which have been decided in 
favor of the children. Another mom on the list sent me the web link to 
www.wrightslaw.com which I've added both the the LINKS page and the KIDS 
page of the web site with preselected filtered results for searchs on 

diabetes --- 504 plans --- and IEP plans

including references to the relavant case law.

The list contains 173 articles, last count, about half of which are 
directly relevant (the rest are too, just not as much). Parents having 
difficulty at school should READ this stuff. I've read quite a bit of it 
and it contains a vast amount of useful material.

GO the the LINKS page of the web site in the OTHER DIABETES LINKS section

or the KIDS page of the web site


"Special Advocacy for Children with Diabetes"

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